the fantasy art of
Johanna Pieterman

Calling Luna (53k)
Desert Angels (31k)
The Birds of Rhiannon (61k)

the wildlife art of
Rebecca Kemp

Creature Comforts (34k)
Springtime for Weasel (56k)
Three for the Wild (45k)

the fantasy art of
Judith Huey

Wolf Looks Back (16k)


mythic naturalism art of
Jonathon Earl Bowser

Tiger! (34k) [Ed. note - nudity]


the fantasy art of
Jennifer Fausett

African Sunset (26k)
Lion (37k)


Raul Jimenez

Wolf Pack (106k)


Dee Dreslough

Firewolf (81k)
Woman and Dimar (54k)







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