Vampire Lullaby


Arthur Chappell

Newly Bled
Freshly dead
From sunlight hide
Just stay inside,
But as twilight falls
Fresh blood calls
Be forever free
Dammed for all eternity
Feed deep the pain
Never love again
Feel the screams
Yours is Midnight
Yours are Moon-light
Promises and dreams
Of necks to bite
All's yours by rite
for 'Tis Time to kill
And Time to suffer
Fly down the hill
To start with your Mother.

Author Bio

Arthur Chappell, Manchester England based writer, born Feb. 9th 1962, is an educated Freethinker, ex-catholic, ex-member of the Hindu meditation cult, Divine Light Mission, atheist, published poet, writer and humorist.

Currently warehouse operative for a leading UK catalogue company, and a secular humanist with a strong interest in Science Fiction and poetry.

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"Vampire Lullaby" Copyright © Arthur Chappell. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.
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