Tears of the Moon


Annette Marie Hyder


Tonight, the hail stones falling
in this bad weather
striking hard on this long night

are cold like moon
and shaped like moon
and pour forth from her silver eyes.

Hush child and I will tell you
why we call them
Tears of the Moon.

Long ago
in time's deep darkness
Earth and Moon were sisters two.

These sisters both were young
and untouched
waiting brides for life to bloom.

Soft and yielding
round and pleasing
fecund Earth sister blossomed quick.

Hard and haughty
cold and distant
Moon sister shied from every touch.

Finally Father Spirit tired
of waiting for Moon sister
to become a wife;

said she must always
attend Earth sister
must be the mistress of the night.

Then the harsh hails
started falling,
stinging stones from bitter eyes,

Tears of the Moon
still fall to this day.
And now my child you know why.

Hush my child in this cold storming
list the brittle moon's grief cry.




Author Bio

Annette makes her home in "Youbetchaitscoldhere", Minnesota. Being from Florida originally, she will never accept that Minnesota winters are not cruel and unusual. She is of French and Irish descent -- and she thinks that it shows.

Her day job occupies her with editorial work and writing; her magazine articles appear in magazines and newspapers throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to magazine articles, she writes interviews and reviews, essays, short stories, flash fiction and poetry.

She has guest edited for Samsara Quarterly and is Contributing Editor/Reviews for Poems Niederngasse. She is currently working on her latest book of poetry, The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow and Other Stories, a follow up collection to Dancing With the Minotaur.

Meanwhile, her four part poem, "Odin's Debt: What Price Knowledge: A Retelling of the Norse Myth", is in the print anthology of literary fantasy, Envelopes of Time. She has been invited to contribute to the forthcoming speculative fiction anthology, Nemeton II, a follow up to Nemeton that is to be released in the Spring of 2002 by Silver Lake Publishing. And, she has work forthcoming in the print anthology due out in December of this year, from Clean Sheets.

She has been asked, and agreed, to allow her work to be translated into Italian and into German for use in foreign language literary publications.

A small sample of poetry publishing credits includes:
Steel Point Quarterly
Conspire (archived prose and poetry)
Samsara Quarterly (archived)
Blue Fifth Review
Prairie Poetry (archived)
The Pedestal Magazine
Thunder Sandwich
Eclectica Magazine (archived: Vol. 5, No. 1, Vol. 4 No. 1, and Vol. 3, No 3)
Maelstrom (forthcoming)

Selections of her poetry can also be read on coffee labels through a licensing agreement she has come to with Story House Coffees. One of the licensing agreement "perks" includes a free can of coffee featuring the author's work. Annette quite enjoys the thought of getting "beans" for her "two cents".

Annette sees life as a poem that is constantly altering its form to accommodate one's world view/experiences: sometimes a sonnet, sometimes haiku, sometimes graffiti on a wall. She believes that in love you should not say it with flowers, you should say it with words. Diamonds, however, are always acceptable.

More poetry, prose and magazine articles are forthcoming from this busy writer. A sample of recent Bridal, Parenting and Women's Publications credits can be obtained upon request:

Email requests to adhyder@frontiernet.net





"Tears of the Moon" Copyright © 2001 Annette Marie Hyder. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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