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Glass House

Glass House




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Ardy Newman was born a Canadian, but after following her lifelong dream, she now resides in Australia. Formerly of Vancouver, British Columbia, Ardy acquired degrees in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology from the University of the Fraser Valley. She is a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (ambulance attendant) having attained her certification from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; worked part-time for Dolphin Investigations as a Private Investigator; and, ran a Parent Counselor home for The Ministry For Children and Families. But, she never gave up her creative time.

Ardy is a fantasy artist and a new-age fantasy writer. She runs two of her own businesses; Fantasy In Wood (wood sculpturing) and FantaSee Cards (a complete line of greeting cards, which are only available in Canada for now). She also works part-time as cover artist for Dark Star Publications and Starlight Writer Publications. In her spare time, Ardy is a writer and author of Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done and Mosiac. Her article "On Being A Newbie" has been published in three parts by Disceptatio, an e-magazine, and in Romance Writers of America/Australia Newsletter.

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Glass House by Ardy Newman
cover artwork for Glass House,
a novel by Ariana Overton.

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