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Interviewer: Lida Quillen

1. Does your creativity express itself in ways other than writing?

Creativity for me is a form of psychic energy. Writing is my main outlet to channel this psychic energy. Through my writing I record and express everything I experience in exploring the dimensions of my inner world.

I am always in a state of creativity. I am always filled with ideas. I enjoy being creative. I believe we are all creators. We are all artists of the spirit. To create is perhaps the deepest and most powerful urge we have. That is why even early man needed to express himself through his cave paintings.

One of the reasons I admire the ancient Egyptians is for their profound concept of writing. Writing for them was a sacred art. Scribes were honored and revered in ancient Egypt. According to certain Egyptian myths, the God Thoth invented writing. Writing was originally described as the tongue of the Heart of Re. There was great magic power in writing. It was a way of channeling and expressing the Voice of the Spirit within.

And so I write with the Power of the Scribe to channel the creative forces within me.

2. Do you feel you were creative, even as a child?

I was always a dreamer. Even as a child, I lived in my imagination.

I enjoyed making up stories. I was always fantasizing and daydreaming. I wrote my first stories when I was seven years old. They were about the supernatural. Ever since I was a child, I was already deeply attracted to the supernatural mysteries of life.

3. Could you share with the story behind the story? In other words, how did your writing lead you to your first novel?

I wrote my novel, The Moon Child, out of a great urge and deep desire for self-fulfillment. I wanted to become a writer of novels and stories. A writer is not a writer unless he writes. So I was determined to write my first novel.

I started writing professionally around 1989, contributing articles and stories to various local magazines in the Philippines. But I knew articles and short stories were not enough. I wanted to write novels. This would give me the fulfillment I was seeking for as a writer.

Before I wrote The Moon Child, I had written two other novels, one of them was unfinished, while the other I kept in a shelf, because though I had finished it, I was not satisfied.

I started writing The Moon Child in 1994, and it took me three years to finish. It started out as a short story, then it became a novella, and then finally a novel. Everything about this novel developed gradually. I even had a different title it for it in the beginning. It was a great learning process for me. In a span of three years, I wrote and rewrote The Moon Child twenty-three times until I was satisfied. I had finally completed a novel. I felt a sense of fulfillment. I was on my way of becoming a true writer.

4. How did you prepare for the creation of your first novel? How much research was necessary?

Research methods like writing methods differ from writer to writer.

For me research is important. I always try to do some research, no matter how minimal, in whatever story, article, or novel I write. My research helps in acquiring the background information I need to create a story with greater depth and texture. Sometimes I do a lot of research but end up using only ten percent or less of my research work. That is all right. Any amount of research feeds information into my subconscious mind, and my writing is enriched and enhanced by it.

In the novel, The Moon Child, I sought to explore mythical and spiritual themes and ideas. Before I even started writing this novel, I had already done years and years of research into the mystical, esoteric, and occult teachings. It was just a matter of organizing and choosing which specific elements of my research I would incorporate and use in my novel.

There were also other research works I had to do, along the way, as I worked on the novel. For example, the setting of the novel was in an imaginary barrio. I live in the big city and have never lived in a small barrio. And so I had to do some research by reading a book or two, talking to people, and visiting a few barrios.

5. What kind of reaction do people have to your writing?

So far, I have received favorable responses. But then again, its still too early for me in my writing career to say with complete assurance that everyone likes my work. Because Im sure, there maybe someone somewhere who may not like what I write. After all our likes and dislikes are unique and subjective.

I write about the spiritual and mythical, paranormal and supernatural aspects of life. One thing I believe is that most people are seeking to understand and discover, whether consciously or unconsciously, the mysteries of Life and existence, in their own unique way. And perhaps when people read my stories they sense this in me, and respond to it.

6. Do you find anything difficult in the writing process, and if so what?

The only thing I find difficult is coming up with a first draft. But once I get this done, the succeeding drafts become easier and more enjoyable to write.

7. Do you currently have any writing projects?

Yes. I am presently working on a series of novels about the extraterrestrial origin and evolution of the human race upon the planet earth.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Id like to thank Twilight Times Books for publishing my novel. And I hope my novel brings enlightenment and joy to those who read it. I believe in the goodness and abundance of life, and I desire to share this with everyone through my talents and skills as a writer.

May God bless all of you with peace and prosperity, happiness and good fortune.



Author Bio

The Moon Child is Alex's first novel. Like the Egyptians, he believes writing is a Sacred Art. Through years of writing and researching, he has been seeking to know the mysteries of the Universe and the human soul. Alex is an explorer of the inner realms of spirit and a seeker of Truth. All that he learns and experiences Alex transforms into metaphysical and mythic stories.

Aside from writing, and reading voraciously, his other interests include bodybuilding, mountain climbing, art, music and traveling. Alex is also deeply involved in the study and practice of prosperity techniques for good fortune, wealth and success. Presently he is working on several new novels.

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