Barry Hunter


Does our imagination disappear with age?
Do the things that make us happy go away?
Or, do they just go into hiding
Anxiously awaiting a moment to return?

Do the trolls still live under the bridge
Waiting for us to try and cross over
Without paying the toll?

Do the fairies still fly in the wind
Spinning their gossamer trails
For us to discover with the dawn?

Do the leprechauns still guard their pots of gold
From the prying eyes of man
And continue to evade capture
So they wonít have to give it up?

Do the seven dwarves still mine for jewels
And go home to Snow White
As she waits for Prince Charming?

Do the gnomes still look for treasures
Underground to hoard
Until the day they may be found?

Do the Hobgoblins want the world to turn dark
And hide the beauty that is the world of light?
We must remember our sense of wonder
And never let it go.

Imagination is forever, as long as we hold it dear,
The things that make us happy will always be near
As long as we donít force it into hiding
Its vision will remain clear




Author Bio

Barry Hunter wrote reviews for Cliff Biggers Future Retrospective and after encouragement by Dick Geis of Science Fiction Review, Mike Glyer of File 770 and others began publishing his own fanzine Baryon in 1975. He was also a staff reviewer for Pulphouse Magazine published by Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rausch.

Frequent attendee and guest at DragonCon, Fantasm, LibertyCon, ChattaCon, DeepSouthCon and others. Has been frequent radio guest on stations around the United States to promote ebooks, epublishing, fanzines and the Writers of the Future contest.

Barry has had fiction and poetry published in Millennium F&SF, Twilight Times, Trusting Illusions and essays on America Online and Preditors and Editors.

Baryon Online, the web extension of Baryon, has been on the web since 1995 and has seen continued growth each year.

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"Imagination" Copyright © 2002 Barry Hunter. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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