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Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest





Artist Bio

Celia Leaman was raised in the village of North Bovey on Dartmoor in England. After she emigrated to Canada she had several short stories published in national and international magazines in the UK, Canada and the United States. Her first book, Mary's Child (available from Awe-Struck) is written around the Dartmoor legend of Jay's Grave.

Her lifestyle seems to change every few years, and currently she teaches information sessions on ebooks, copy-edits and reviews, is her own web-mistress, and when she isn't working at the local libraries, continues to write. If she has time for hobbies, she likes to garden, paint in oils and take meditative walks.

Celia also has several short stories in an anthology available soon from Twilight Times Books. Information about Dartmoor and interesting links can also be found on her web page.



Mary's Child






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