Air Sylph


J C Hall




Lightly she steps
To music
Only she can hear

Softly she whispers
A word
In my ear

Rising she lifts
Her arms
To the wind

Twirling she weaves
A tapestry
Of air




Author Bio

J.C. Hall was born in Hong Kong, attended university in London, England, and now lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She is eminently suited to writing fantasy, for anyone who knows her well will attest to the fact that she lives in a fantasy world. She is the proud aunt of two nephews and two nieces.

Her first novel, Legends of the Serai, was published by Dragon Moon Press, a small Canadian publisher which specializes in science fiction and fantasy novels.

She is now working on another novel, Lady of the Lakes. In between writing novels, she likes to write verse, all of which turn out to be fantasy-themed, for some reason.




"Air Sylph" Copyright © 2002 J C Hall. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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