Karen A. Romanko




Bonfires burn. Sparks fly,
becoming fairies floating
on gilded, glider
wings. They lift the veil 'tween our
world and theirs but once, this night.




Author Bio

Karen A. Romanko is the editor and publisher of Raven Electrick, a lively (she hopes) sf/f/h and mystery web-zine ( Her poems and stories have appeared in Fables, Rogue Worlds, Vacancy, The Writer's Hood, and Raven. In her "past life" as a full-time librarian, her part-time writing credits included articles and short stories in Publishers Weekly, American Libraries, and the Science Fiction Law Journal, among others.

When not hunched at her computer, Karen enjoys the sun of Southern California with biologist hubby Bob Desharnais.


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"Beltaine" Copyright © 2002 Karen A. Romanko. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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