Michael Fantina




Their hooves cascade like thunder from the stars,
Barreling down the steeply sloping hill,
Past the ravine, into the winding rill,
Above their heads the sanguine orb of Mars.
Brambles, branches, gouge them, reopen scars,
Catch in their females' long and yellow hair.
Sweating, panting, exhaling steamy air,
No one stops this herd, these raging centaurs.

At length they gain the great and long plateau,
Pair off, hand in hand, with tender kisses,
So careful of the springís fast melting snow,
Where thrust the multicolored crocuses.
They dance an old and stately courtship dance,
And prance a loverís proud, uncertain prance.




Author Bio

Michael Fantina has had a great deal of poetry published over the past twenty years, in Canada, the U. S. and in the United Kingdom. Most recently his work has appeared in "The Lyric", "The New Formalist" and the last several issues of "Candelabrum Poetry Magazine" in the UK.

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"Centaurs" Copyright © 2002 Michael Fantina . All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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