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Enter Spring


Cindy Forsburg



One midnight, from sleeping soundly under a pile of warm covers,
you wake up and go to the window and open it at last.
The breeze that crosses above your bed
has come created fresh from faraway fields of melting snow
where somewhere a footprint is left in the mud of new puddles
and budding blades of new grass push through to the sky.
Looking up, you see the stars waiting in the dark,
watching to see the cold world to split wide open and return to green life.
The frogs begin their ancient song in the ancient creek bed
where the mists rise, the new leaves whisper,
and a train whistles on the tracks a mile away.
It's a mystery, why you woke up
and how all the epiphany outside your window
seems to call you out into the night.
But sleep is seasonless, and tomorrow draws you back to bed.
You’ll awaken in the morning to a day
that at first glance promises to be like all the others,
but you know, now, to notice—
it is different. Now it's Spring.




Author Bio

Cindy Forsburg is a college instructor and poet who lives with her husband in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.





"Enter Spring" Copyright © 2005 Cindy Forsburg. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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