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Red Light at Night


Francis W. Alexander



Like sailors of old
astronauts be warned:
Steer clear of the regions
where gravity embraces, then crushes
with sudden fury;
Beware of the tempting beauty
that can blind the eyes.
Do not listen to the siren song,
radio messages
drifting between black holes.
Some silver and gold asteroids beckon
like islands of damsels
surrounded by dangerous reefs.
Keep ancient tools at the ready:
slide rules, batteries, and candles --
just in case the lights suddenly go out.




Author Bio

Since the summer of 2004 Francis Wesley Alexander has been smacked with a lot of story ideas. Having been evicted from an apartment, being placed in an amusement park dorm with two young swingers, then moved to a men's dorm where he encountered culture shock upon being joined by European women in the men's bath and shower rooms, followed by being placed for one month free of charge in a two bedroom apartment with free cable while also cleaning dorm rooms and finding such booty as microwaves, CD players, money, etc.; being layed off from that amusement park job, nearly being evicted from a new apartment, and briefly attempting to teach in a "top notch" high school,he is seriously contemplating going back to that amusement park for summer 2005.

Wes currently has work in Aoife's Kiss, Scifaikuest, Star*Line, Flash Fantastic, Nova Science Fiction, and Gateway Science Fiction.





"Red Light at Night" Copyright © 2005 Francis W. Alexander. All rights reserved.
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