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The Wind


Kevin Hare



In the wind I hear the rustle
Of the forests' whispering leaves

If I stand and listen long enough
They’ll tell me tales in the breeze

In the wind I hear the calls
Of all the beasts of wood

They cry of homes diminishing
Their pleas not understood

In the wind I hear the bellows
Of warriors long since been

They clashed together on battlefield
Against foes no longer seen

In the wind I hear the laughter
Of children playing around

Light and hearty in these fields
Little footsteps on the ground

And in the wind I hear the promise
Of something new out yonder

The winds of change ever blowing
And new dreams are there to ponder.




Author Bio

Kevin Hare lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and two children. For the past four years Kevin has been putting serious effort into his writing career and his work has been published in local papers and in two anthologies. He is hard at work on his first book, Return of Anderoth's Dragon.




"The Wind" Copyright © 2005 Kevin Hare. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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