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Ben is a professional photographer who despite not getting as much work as he would like, loves his job. He dosn't draw to make any money although if money could be made from his art he would be more than happy to accept it :)...

He is very lazy and as such not prone to doing unpaid commissions unless they tie in very closly with what he feels like drawing at the time. He would more than likely do paid commissions but no-one has ever asked him to and why should they when there are so many artists around better than him... (for example Stephanie Law and Maria William just to name 2 - how can he compete with them??!!!)

In his vast amount of spare time he is usually found either wasting it on the computer (he must stop that aweful habit), hanging out at his training hall with his kung fu brothers and sisters, reading fantasy novels or eyeing bikini girls at the beach.

Oh... and he absolutley hates talking about himself in the third person.

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