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The Impending Murders




Artist Bio

A Michigan resident, artist Britt Martin is known nationally for his fantasy artwork, innovative ink drawings and comic book colorings which are considered by many critics as eye-catching and very creative. Britt has been involved in the professional art world for more than six years.

Some of his credits include: creative art/graphic director for "Eye On Entertainment" (a cable network television show airing in Michigan and Ohio); graphic director for In-Focus Productions (a multi-media video production company serving businesses nationally and internationally); colored national comic book covers; painted covers; spot illustrated comic books; designed logos for commercial and industrial businesses; designed billboard for a major cable company; and much, much more.

The individual who has most influenced Britt's work is art icon Frank Frazetta. He also admires the work of Alphonse Mucha, Leonardo Da Vinci and Monet. Look for Britt Martin's work on his web site at
You can also e-mail Britt about his work at

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