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The Five Animals

The Five Animals


This painting is a gift to my cousin and close friend. He recently obtained his life long dream of owning and teaching at his own karate studio. The original now hangs prominently in the dojo.

The Animals represent the styles of karate that he specializes in. They are as follows:

Dragon with yin yang symbol - Spirit
Snake (Cobra) - Speed
Leopard (Chinese Leopard) - Stealth
Crane - Grace
Tiger - Strength


Artist Bio

For as long as she can remember, Becky's always loved science and nature. She's always had pets, and she says people who have grown up with animals learn so much from them. She's also always loved space -- "Ya' know, the big black stuff up there when the big bright thing goes away...."

When she was very little, she used to study the stars and planets. She found out about constellations and the mythological stories behind them. When she found that a lot of it pertained to animals - BINGO! - that's when the love for fantasy and wildlife bloomed.

Becky currently works full time at home in lovely Salem, New Hampshire, rendering custom work and designing web sites.

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