In the Small Hours


Chad Hensley


a giant round moon
swallows the night sky
pale gargantuan presence pressing downward
bathing the land in ancient monolithic hues,
like foot steps from a colossal race striding the countryside,
their ghosts buried and forgotten beneath crater and dust,
shimmering in space.




Author Bio

What the Cacodaemon Whispered, Chad's second poetry collection, is available from Flesh & Blood Press.

This April at the World Horror Convention, Undaunted Press will release a split author collection by Chad Hensley and Wilum Pugmire titled A Clicking in the Shadows and Other Tales containing three stories by Chad, three stories by Wilum, and one collaboration story. The collection will feature cover and interior illustrations by Allen Koszowski and an introduction by Robert Price.

In May, Chad and Wilum's story "The Night City" will appear in Roc's The Darker Side. Look for more of Chad's stories in Darkness Rising Volume 3: Secrets Of Shadows available from Cosmos Books and Blood Rose.


"In the Small Hours" Copyright © 2001 Chad Hensley. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.

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