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Connie Wolters


Where am I? I've been walking aimlessly amongst these trees for hours, completely lost. Why did we have to split up; it wasn't my idea. "We'll cover more ground this way," he said. Sure we will, but he didn't anticipate me getting hopelessly lost, did he?

Nevertheless, I still love him. I thought this would've been the perfect romantic getaway, taking a trip to New Zealand and exploring this grand and beautiful country. We're only here for ten days, so Joseph wanted to split up to explore more in such a short time span. I said no, but he insisted. So, here I am. I tripped and lost my compass, so now I have no sense of direction; I'm not good at reading trails or the sun to find my way.

I'm so tired but I haven't found a decent place to sit down and rest. I've just been walking for hours, hoping I'd run into Joseph. No such luck.

But now, as I stand dumbfounded at this glorious sight suddenly before me my troubles are forgotten. I reach for my camera, forgetting that only a couple of hours ago a greedy green kea had flown down from a tree and plucked it from its perch atop my backpack. Oh well, it's time to take a mental picture, one that won't fade or crinkle with time.

The stallion standing in the mossy grotto is astoundingly beautiful. His mane and tail are black at the roots and they gradually become white at the ends, while his hide is a grayish-white color, almost silver. He looks Andalusian, but he's much more. What separates him from any other horse is the horn protruding from his forehead, the same color as his mane and tail. He looks at me with his midnight black eyes and I almost collapse. It's almost as if he's looking deep into my soul, trying to figure out if I'm friend or foe. The unicorn takes a step towards me, then turns and gallops away.

"No, please! Stay!" He stops at my voice, turns his head and exchanges one more glance with me, then runs away again. There's no way I'm staying here any longer feeling sorry for myself and being mad at my beloved; I'm following him!

I'm running in the direction he has run, tripping over roots and jumping over logs, only catching little glimpses of him here and there so I know which way to follow. After a few minutes I run into something, but it takes me a few seconds to realize what I've run into.

It's him.

I look into his eyes and he stares back at me. Then he speaks to me.

I know where you can find the one you love,
I was told his whereabouts by a dove.
I followed the dove to this place,
And saw the hurt on his face.
He loves you and is afraid for you,
And I know you feel the same for him too.

"Why.. did you have me.. follow you?" I huff, out of breath. "I'm so tired.. from running."

I had to be sure that you'd go with me,
But now you can continue on riding me.

He gestures towards his back as he says this, and I move to mount. But as I stand next to his back I realize how impossible it will be to mount this great back, as he stands about eighteen hands tall. Sensing this the unicorn places his muzzle between my legs and boosts me up. What a view!

He let's me get comfortable, and then he speaks again.

Hold on tight,
We want to be there before night!

And he takes off! Never have I been on anything this fast! I'm holding on for dear life, hoping I won't fall off. In about twenty minutes we arrive at yet another clearing, but this one contains what I've been looking for: Joseph! I burst into tears as we burst into the clearing. The unicorn stops right next to Joseph and my loved one helps me off. We embrace and share a long, romantic kiss.

"I was so worried for you," he says after we break our embrace.

"And I you." I turn around to thank the unicorn for bringing me to Joseph, but find that he is gone. He had left while Joseph and I reunited, but in his place lies a ring made of pure silver and diamond. Joseph picks it up and looks at me, a look on his face telling me he's just come up with a bright idea.

"I know exactly what to do with this," he says. Then he kneels down on one knee and takes my left hand in his, slipping the gorgeous ring on my finger. I see what's coming and break into joyful sobs. "Connie, will you-."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes! I will!" I interrupt. I bend down to hug him and knock him over. We share more kisses as we lie there in each other's arms.

"I love you, Connie."

"I love you too."

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Author Bio

Connie is eighteen years old and attends Anne Arundel Community College. After her first two years there she would like to transfer to a four year university and major in Creative Writing. She would also like to pursue a career as an author.

One of her stories, "Forgiveness" was published last year in a literary magazine for students called Brainstorm, by the Maryland Writer's Association.




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