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David Gazda is a native of Northern Ohio, and has been painting for about fourteen years altogether. Thirteen years ago he was painting 'traditional' landscapes as a hobby. Bored with the repetition of traditional mountains, rivers and streams, David unintentionally painted a 'moon' into one of his skies, not realizing it would change his subject matter indefinitely.

Ever since his little 'accident', David has been consistently mesmerized and visually stimulated by the endless possibilities that present themselves beyond our earth.Working exclusively with oils, and relying on his imagination, he has passionately attempted to portray the Celestial Universe as he would like to see it. David attempts to soften the harsh, colorless reality of outerspace, with vivid yet subtle tones and smooth lined, mystical imagery. Ambiguous light is intentional, and water is abundant in most of his work, as it is one of the most basic elements of life...

Although original works are available for purchase, first and foremost it is his wish that viewers become intrigued and entranced with the mystical painted images presented before them.

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