Ghost in the Cybermist


Deborah P. Kolodji

As cloudy links obscure the info-Sun
he clicks on through another Cyberday.
The e-Storm strikes, old data dripping on
overflowing buffers, flooding away
valued search results, his e-footprints lost
maybe forever. Drowning in e-mail,
his recycle bin explodes before tossed
& he regrets his last upgrade. The stale
URL's downed by the e-tornado
pile up on his hard-drive & he aborts,
losing programming, memory zeroed
his e-lifetime tragically cut short.

No e-funeral for him, no one mourned.
Just a reboot. His replacement is born.


Author Bio

Deborah P. Kolodji is a single mother of three children who lives in California. She works as a database administrator for a living to support her poetry habit. Her poems have appeared in Star*Line, Tales of the Unanticipated, Dreams and Nightmares and Troubadour. Her work has appeared in the webzines, Orphic Chronicle, Dark Planet and Ibn Qirtaiba in addition to Twilight Times.

Two of Deborah's poems have been nominated for a Rhysling Award by the members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (http:\\\~bejay\sfpa.htm). One of Deborah's poems was tied for second place on the 1999 "Preditors and Editors Readers Poll"

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"Ghost in the Cybermist" 1999 Deborah P. Kolodji. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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