Angels Aflame


Deborah P. Kolodji

We called 'em Martians (they'd never heard of the place)
Their planet, far from red, was in uncharted space.
They came -- high speed winds -- like Santa Anas to LA
Flames circled the city on a dry autumn day
Not from riots nor from arsonists but descending spacecraft
(All captured faithfully by news crews so don't think me daft!)

They were hideously superior, neither reptiles nor birds
& perhaps telepathic (we never heard them say words)
Their landings caused vibrations (the thought still makes me shake)
Seismographs measured wild straining as San Andreas chose to break.
Cal Tech Scientists are calculating by Charles Richter's magnitude
But as my son often says, "That was one BIG earthquake, dude!"

If they'd landed in any other city, the aliens would have won
But disaster-prone Los Angeles was just warming up to the fun.
The quakes released the inmates of the LA County jail
& the resulting gang warfare was why they'd been held without bail.
The aliens fled unexpectedly (we're not exactly sure why)
But volunteers started the clean-up as politicians posed nearby.

Eternally rising from her ashes, Los Angeles celebrated another rebirth
& rap artists got rich telling of the day....LA street gangs saved the earth!


Author Bio

Deborah P. Kolodji is a single mother of three children who lives in California. She works as a database administrator for a living to support her poetry habit. Her poems have appeared in "Star*Line," "Tales of the Unanticipated," and "Troubadour" in addition to "Pablo Lennis" and "Sapphire Sunday." She also has three poems in Dark Planet and several poems appeared in Sapphire Sunday, an e-mail newsletter.
Two of Deborah's poems have been nominated for a Rhysling Award by the members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (http:\\\~bejay\sfpa.htm).



"Angels Aflame" was published in fanzine "Pablo Lennis" in 1994. Copyright © 1994 Deborah P. Kolodji. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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