Rhythmic Circle


Lea Docken

Mysterious and magical night,
Dark soft rhythm surrounds,
Night melodies entice,
Day falls into the abyss.

Night rises softly as the moon,
Weaving stories among the stars.
Hidden in blue blackness,
Nightly ideas charm us.

Casting spells all around,
Becoming soft misty desire,
Seducing low soft rhythm,
Flowing into light.

Yellow gold haze of sunrise,
Purple blue black sunset,
Never-ending rhythmic circle,
Always turning to magic.


Author Bio

Lea Docken is publisher of Fantasy Folklore and Fairytales Electonic Magazine www.fantasytoday.com. She co-founded and is active in the Siouxland Creative Writer's Guild. Her poetry and short stories have been published locally and nationally - in print and on the net. Lea owns the online list Internet Fantasy Writers Association. She and her husband are starting an Electronic Publishing Business with the first e-book due out after the first of the year. When she is not busy in the writing world Lea sells fine jewelry part time and is getting four teenage girls ready to meet the world.



"Rhythmic Circle" Copyright © 1995 Lea Docken. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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