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Eden Celeste lives in the soggy but beautiful State of Oregon. On a typical day, after wading home from her day job, you can find Eden working on either her art, sewing medieval, middle eastern or sci-fi costumes, reading a book, embroidering or on the computer creating web sites, surfing the net, emailing or playing video games.

Eden started painting at the age of 3, when she arguably did her best watercolor work, and was encouraged and taught by her artist mother. She studied Illustration for two years in college, but is primarily self-taught and spends a great deal of time studying the painting styles of other artists. Her primary inspiration comes from artists such as H.J. McKinney, Olivia, Waterhouse, Michael Whelan, Keith Parkinson and Brian Froud. She tries to make the fantastic seem real and wants her paintings and sketches to give the viewer a sense of the story and emotions that are motivating her characters.

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