Emily C. A. Snyder

Dragon's blood was spilt in rage -
Crazed he was inside his cage.
The moon that shines o'er the dead
Will not shine tonight.

Slaughter for the want of power,
Deed is done in but an hour.
All are roused from their beds:
Who can set this right?

Dragons bold are swiftly rising,
Even now a plan devising
As they glide on silent wings -
A purpose in their flight.

In the meadow runs their prey
Cow'ring from the light of day;
With desperate hand he will cling,
Find a refuge in the night.

Tears from moon have been drawn -
Now the moon is all but gone,
Weeping o'er the crime that's done.
Half a crescent left of light.

Silent dragons must make haste
Before the moon is to waste.
Blood is needed to cleanse blood....
Their victim comes in sight.

Swoop down now upon the man
Who is prisoner once again.
Passioned vengeance in their heads
Satisfy their appetite.

Human's blood was spilt in rage,
Thus begins another age:
Mortal feud born o'er some dead
Cause the moon again ignite.


Author Bio

When not scribbling down whatever pops into her head, Emily C. A. Snyder teaches music, art, and drama in Massachusetts. Her other published works can be found on her website .


"Vendetta" Copyright © Emily C. A. Snyder. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.
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