The Connoisseur


Pat Fredeman

Butch tom sun dances
Behind the lemon curtain

at the window pane

Forsythia and daffodils
Brushy tendrils
Sunning in glitter
              of June

Luster bright
Shadowing his cat eyes
With suspect light.

Something lurks he's sure -
a flicker of wings -

He knows:

Hidden in a halo of delight
Sits a radiant golden bird
Featured on this delicious dawn
And served especially for him.


Author Bio

Ms. Fredeman has published numerous poems and some short, non-fiction pieces in various literary journals and magazines. She has done editorial work, given poetry readings, taught university literature and creative writing courses, and conducted community workshop courses for the regional branch of the National League of American Pen Women, of which she is a member. She has degrees from the University of British Columbia (M.A.) and the University of Oklahoma (B.A.[Phi Beta Kappa], Ph.D.[magna cum laude], Dissertation: Ben Jonson. Pat has recently completed a contemporary romance and a fantasy novelette. She tells us she is currently working on another novel.



"The Connoisseur" Copyright © 1999 Pat Fredeman. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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