Black Cat Supreme

for Buster Cat


Pat H. Fredeman

Buster, Buster burning bright
Without benefit of light,
What heroic, fertile mind
Offered you to mankind
Without consulting anyone
On your blackness so divine;
Wrought thee in frenzied joy and grief
In the smithy's deepest well
Of dark, inchoate matter's hell?

Will you, many ages hence,
Become albino white sublime
With no thought of former lives?

If so, why, then, the smithy
Must begin again.


Author Bio

Pat Fredeman has published numerous poems and some short, non-fiction pieces in various literary journals and magazines. She has done editorial work, given poetry readings, taught university literature and creative writing courses, and conducted community workshop courses for the regional branch of the National League of American Pen Women, of which she is a member. She has degrees from the University of British Columbia (M.A.) and the University of Oklahoma (B.A.[Phi Beta Kappa], Ph.D.[magna cum laude], Dissertation: Ben Jonson.

Ms. Fredeman's Christian Romance Paradise Regained is available from Gemini Books. Pat has recently completed a contemporary romance and a fantasy novelette and she tells us she is currently working on another novel.

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"Black Cat Supreme" Copyright © 1999 Pat H. Fredeman. All rights reserved. Re-printed by permission of the author.
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