Pat H. Fredeman

Pumpkin is my name.
I confess to a certain international fame.
I am one of the blackest cats
That ever you will see.
No snowy strands you'll find on me,
No white tufts tucked away in folds
On my hungry tiger-tummy.
I am the blackest black that will ever be.
I come calling even when folks don't call to me.
I come on Halloween
With a message from the Tri-Form Queen
But folks will not let me enter in.
I go away and come again,
Most magically, most glowingly transformed,
Upon the midnight hour
To witch away their souls
Through their unguarded dreams
To my Mr. Mephistopheles
Who chats with them in civil cheer
And stores in them for another year
Memories of dark ones who wander still
The lochs, the glades, the dells, the weirs,
The hollows, vales, the tumbling rills,
And rest and wait among the ancient hills.

Author Bio

Pat Fredeman has published numerous poems and some short, non-fiction pieces in various literary journals and magazines. She has done editorial work, given poetry readings, taught university literature and creative writing courses, and conducted community workshop courses for the regional branch of the National League of American Pen Women, of which she is a member. She has degrees from the University of British Columbia (M.A.) and the University of Oklahoma (B.A.[Phi Beta Kappa], Ph.D.[magna cum laude], Dissertation: Ben Jonson.

Ms. Fredeman's Christian Romance Paradise Regained will be available August 1999 from Gemini Books. Pat has recently completed a contemporary romance and a fantasy novelette and she tells us she is currently working on another novel.

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"Pumpkin" Copyright © 1998 Pat H. Fredeman. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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