Bare Bones


Geraldine A. Mudd


I ran across the praire
like a woman posessed
My skins were shredded as I left them laying
beside the barrel
My hands were covered with soot
from the ashes of the past
My bones were nailed to the ground
and I had to let go

Over my shoulder
laid the babies that carried me

As if to say goodbye
I tore my clothes to thin threads

I helped myself to the water
in the barrel that called me to it
I must be clean
wherever I mean to go

I grabbed the threads and ran through a portal
of cracked wood and stained memories
As a naked Woman
one travels here
As a honest Woman
entrance is given
appreciate it

live the life you love
crest in angels hands
come and go as you choose

ah men
ah woman
ah children of the ashes
live a life you love
crest in angels hands
come and go as you choose


Author Bio

Geraldine has been writing for nine years. This is a first-time publishing for her. Although many poetry submissions have been accepted she has refused publishing until now. She has one completed poetry manuscript in the offering stage, and several manuscripts of varied genres in process.



"Bare Bones" Copyright © 1999 Geraldine A. Mudd. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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