Time to Leave


Greg Hoose

Sacred Church of memories
Lost within the mire.
In thy broken rubble play
Children of the night.

Whence came the light
of many starry skies?
Who walks the ways
That tread upon the right?

Decrepit structures falling down,
upon the misty silent ground,
Shadow's mystery-
Fear holds its candle high,
Seeking no further than the lie.

Cobwebs twist in darkest corners fright,
Green eyes dart upon the sight,
Creeping walls and candle light.
How long must we wait to see
That truth has lost its mind?

Ominous thunder in the break
Flashing lights in solemn distance;
Secure for us our rightful place
and scurry pestilence.
Take flight! Take flight!
And leave us to the night!

Power sure with knowledge pure
In fiery tracing amulets.
The past has fled, all tears are shed-
Now set thy sights without the dread
And steer us to the Stars!


Author Bio

Poetry has been a part of Gregory's life since 1969. A simple calligraphic pen and a bottle of ink placed the flow of drawing and the flow of words into a single expression. The dynamics of that flow, very similar to the Chinese brush painting and Japanese Haiga, evolved quite naturally for a number of years during Gregory's tenure at East Carolina University.

Many paths intersect and trail from simple beginnings. Many forms of expression and many mediums emanate from a diverse mind. But the simple word and the simple brushstroke speak volumes to their place. Poetry is a magical statement, full of power and vitality. Gregory's poetry is not an adornment, the poetry is from his soul and is intended as a spell. The words are woven from his heart and are a direct manifestation of the Blessed Realms, influencing all who read them to partake of the Sacred Waters of Truth and Purity, that will cleanse all mankind one day; and take us all to our true destiny.



"Time to Leave" Copyright © 1999 Greg Hoose. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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