Song of the Day


Ivan Taub

I am alive in the song of the day.
I surrender to the melody.
I revel in harmonic overtones.
I thrill to the sound of my own call.

I find measureless joy in music:
A pleasure as honest as laughter;
A recognition as strong as love.

Doubts, I have many.
Yet I know,
Creation is one long note,
Renewed in celestial rhythms.

In my death, I do not, like others,
Seek a spectre of heavenly light.

Instead, may I merge into
The great Random Ping:
My bones strung like galactic chimes,
My flesh, the whoosh of wind;
My soul, the hum of insects
Seeking earth and sky.


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Author Bio

Ivan Taub, Ph.D., is a metaphysical philosopher with degrees in Religion, Theatre, and Humanities. He is a produced playwright, published composer and orchestra leader. Dr. Taub teaches Intellectual Heritage at Temple University, Tyler School of Art.


"Song of the Day" Copyright © Ivan Taub. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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