To Thomas Jefferson


Ivan Taub

Floating upon the swollen sea,
I saw amber puffed mounds,
Pitch and fall from the depths,
Summoning petulant sea birds,
To navigate my course.

All the way, wearily, wearily,
I penned manuscripts of slop,
And conjured the weary Hercules,
Carrying argosies of gallant men.
To wed the jealous sea.

Cup the orient sun, I cried.
Beckon the burgeoning moon,
Hosted by her star brigade,
To kiss the polling booths,
From New York to Athens.

Oh, the cannibal splendor:
Obscene fat men smoking cigars,
Moonstruck lovers sucking dove's eggs,
All singing merrily, merrily,
To Thomas Jefferson.


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Author Bio

Ivan Taub, Ph.D., is a metaphysical philosopher with degrees in Religion, Theatre, and Humanities. He is a produced playwright, published composer and orchestra leader. Dr. Taub teaches Intellectual Heritage at Temple University, Tyler School of Art.


"To Thomas Jefferson" Copyright © Ivan Taub. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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