So Peacefully


Jeff Colburn


AAAHHHH!!! Let me out. It hurts, it hurts!

John tried to slam his fists against the ice prison's walls, but his body wouldn't respond.

Trapped. Where am I? So cold, so dark, so quiet. Pain. So much pain. No way out. AAAHHHH!!!

"Come here honey. Let Grandma lift you up." Tommy soared up in his Grandmother's reassuring grip. Her gray curls and plump body exuded an air of comfort. "See your Daddy through that little window in the chamber? See him sleeping? He's sleeping in there. Doesn't he look peaceful?"

"Yes Gama. I want down." Tommy ran over to his mother and wrapped his little arms tightly around one of her legs.

"I want Daddy," he mumbled into his mother's leg.

"It's okay dear, just like Grandma said, he's sleeping. Doesn't it look just like he's sleeping?" She gently ran her fingers through his thick black hair, and looked sadly at Grandma.

HELP! Let me out. Oh god it hurts, so cold it burns. I must be going crazy. Let me out. What, who is that? I can't hear you, speak louder. For god's sake help me. I'm in here. Mom, is that you? Who? Who looks peaceful?

"Daddy got sick and his heart stopped working," Helen said, trying not to cry, hoping her long blond hair was covering the sorrowful expression on her face. "The doctors couldn't help him so they froze Daddy until they could make him all better. Isn't that nice of them?" She could barely speak for the lump in her throat.

"No. I want Daddy." Tommy started to cry. His tears made a small wet spot on his mothers pant leg.

"I know dear," she sighed. "Daddy will be back soon. Just a few years the doctors say. Daddy is just sleeping, having nice dreams. Soon the doctors will fix him. Then Daddy will be good as new and be able to play with you. Won't that be fun?"

"Yes," Tommy said as he wiped his runny nose on his shirtsleeve. Helen walked over to the chamber. Tommy saw her looking into the window, a tear running down her cheek.

"I love you John," she whispered, then licked a salty tear from her lip.

What? Helen, is that you? HELP, I'm trapped in here. Can you hear me? Get me out. It hurts so much. Help me. HELEN, FOR GOD'S SAKE HELP ME, PLEASE!!

"John," she whispered. "You look so peaceful. I'll wait for you, my love. Ten to fifteen years and we'll be together again. I love you so much. Sleep now honey."

What? Fifteen YEARS? Get me out of here, help me. NNNOOOO!!!!!

They left the storage facility, all of them believing that the man they loved so much would sleep peacefully. So peacefully.

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Author Bio

Jeff Colburn is a true Renaissance Man, being well versed in both the arts and sciences. He completed his four year high school program in three years, majoring in marine biology and oceanography. Later, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from California State University Long Beach. He is also a native Californian.

Always seeking a challenge, Jeff has had many careers, including: Deputy Sheriff; Crime Analyst; Freelance Photographer; Freelance Computer Consultant; Freelance Marketing Research; Creator of a nonprofit organization where he edited and published a national monthly newsletter for the hearing impaired community.

After all this experimentation, Jeff is now working in several fields which offer him a constant challenge. He is a freelance writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, erotica and poetry. Jeff is also an inventor. Interested in art for many years, Jeff is working on his illustration skills using graphite and colored pencil and acrylics.

For relaxation, Jeff has tried mountain climbing, SCUBA diving, equitation, body surfing, ice skating, stamp and coin collecting. He currently is involved in photography, psychic research, book collecting, the martial arts and hiking. He also has his own web site at The Creative Cauldron is a web site for writers, photographers, artists and other creative people.

His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including: "EWG Presents," "Alphelion," "Planet Magazine," "Hadrosaur Tales," "Realm Of The Vampire," "Realm Of Darkness," "Cutter Magazine," "Newsbits Weekly," "Forty-Niner Newspaper," "Western Photographer Magazine," "National Management Association Bulletin" and "Art Direction and Design of Orange County Newsletter."

Read his book The Writer's Dictionary Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology. It's a great reference source.




"So Peacefully" Copyright © 2000 Jeff Colburn. This story first appeared in Hadrosaur Tales in April, 2000. All rights reserved. Re-printed by permission of the author.
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