The Reality of Dreams


J Richard Jacobs



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Author Bio

J. Richard Jacobs has been active in and around the business of writing, sometimes actually making a living from it, since 1956. Although he did not engage in a lot of fiction work in his earlier material, he has decided what he wants to do when he grows up and is working hard at achieving that goal. Two major works of SF in novel length will be released this year and he has published a bundle of short stories in all genre.

For several years he taught in the high school where he lives, but has retired from that to concentrate on his true love, picking the fruit from the genre trees in his yard, stirring them into a tasty blend and serving them to his readers.

He lives in a small town in New Mexico with his wife, Julieta, his youngest daughter, Alexandra, and an extremely noisy little dog (ah, so little dog; so much noise) named Mickey.




"The Reality of Dreams" Copyright © 2005 J Richard Jacobs. All rights reserved.
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