Glorious Water


Kelly Ann Malone




Small clear caps of pebbled beads that glisten in the light
race across the sidewalks edge, aborted in mid-flight

Tiny drops of precious water collect upon a flower
Thirst is what this rose projects, intending to devour

Gentle rain from pregnant clouds release a cool mist
Mixed with rays of warm sunlight, a rainbow in the midst

Pools of liquid gather proud into a dancing creek
Sent below from high above upon a mountain peak

Roaring rapids gather steam, their destination clear
In the distance luscious waves proclaim the sea is near

Sure of what her calling is and where she's meant to be.
What was once a simple drop, is now part of the sea




Author Bio

Kelly Ann Malone is a thirty-eight year old women from Southern California. She says she has been writing since she was twelve years old, "just when her hormones kicked in." Kelly suspects there is a correlation. She has a wonderful husband, three active boys and a full time job in the healthcare industry that she truly loves.





"Glorious Water" Copyright © 2002 Kelly Ann Malone. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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artwork by Jim Warren