Thank You Gaia


Nancy Jackson




Dear Mother Gaia, I call upon you
Respecting all you do and share
I hope you hear my voice and words
As I honor the earth, fire, water and air

Your spirit beats within my heart
I cast a circle to draw you close
Each breath of mine is because of you
It is your spiritual path that I chose

I spread your gifts about my altar
Water, herbs, soft dirt, and flowers
Lighting a candle, I chant your name
From all around I feel your powers

My ritual is just one of the many ways
In which I give back what you have given to me
You are the essence of beauty and giver of life
For that I am grateful, eternally

Again, thank you!




Author Bio

Ms. Jackson resides along the Oregon Coast in Oregon and loves to write poetry and stories. Nancy's main interests are exploring the beautiful home mother nature has made for us and spirituality.





"Thank You Gaia" Copyright © 2002 Nancy Jackson. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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