The Tides of Change


Qian Liu




Our lives have finally reached
a full circle, sweet sorrower. On this beach
where we now rest, the tides of change
flux in and out. Waves crash along the shore
relentlessly, a never-ending dance
of fluid motion. Night turns into day.
Shadows, deep like crevices in the moon,
cloud the twilight-gray sky.
The midnight-blue waters of the sea
span across the horizon,
stretching into infinite possibilities.

A new day is rapidly dawning,
a time for renewal, for fresh beginnings.
One day, you will wake up
to the world and find me gone.
One day, I will gather
the inner strength needed to walk away.
I will walk away and never look back,
never say goodbye.
And you will not know
until I am forever beyond the pale.

And when you look for me,
I will be gone. The imprint of my footsteps
on the sand will be scattered by the wind.
My flickering reflection
over the dismal waters will waver and dissipate,
until all you have left
to remember me by
are your distant, evasive memories.
Here the cycle ends.




Author Bio

Qian Liu is a sixteen-year-old teenage girl. She writes short stories and poetry in her spare time because the craft of writing is very therapeutic and helps her unwind after a long day at school. Qian's favorite genre is fantasy. She says, "it delves into the soul and unleashes the imagination."





"The Tides of Change" Copyright © 2002 Qian Liu. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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