Shannon Riley




When the bloodless moon is hungry,
in dreams I dance on barron hills
in celebration of an ancient rite.

Age-old dreams of fleeing, torment --
burning brands light up the night.
Then I awake, safe in my soft bed,
ropeburns on my wrists still bright.




Author Bio

Shannon Riley's poetry, fiction and articles have been published in more than 250 magazines, anthologies and newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Gauntlet, Deathrealm and Eldritch Tales, and on various websites, including Art of Horror, Goth Time and Morbid Musings.

She is the author of five chapbooks, including Beasts, which was recommended for a 2001 Bram Stoker Award. She is also editor and publisher of Southern Rose Productions and Tapestry Magazine.





"Witch" Copyright © 1988 Shannon Riley. All rights reserved. Originally published in Opossum Hollow Tarot in 1988. Reprinted by permission of the author.


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