The Treasure Hunters


Terry Lowenstein




Beneath a sheltering sky
the old man in the sea
casts his nets
woven from moonbeams.

He seeks what was lost.
The Silver Chalice,
Minerva's shield,
winged sandals from the past.

An ocean and a continent away
the invisible man
journeys through heartsongs
of mermaids.
He searches too.

But the deep end of the ocean
one door away from heaven,
holds fast its treasures.

In this game of cat and mouse,
played by immortals.
The mousetrap is deadly.

For the hunting season
will not end until,
the last man standing
has walked in the snow garden.

The same snow garden hidden by Vertumnus
guarded by the giant snarling three headed dog, Cerberus.
A garden that is not easily traversed.
But it can be done.
And then,

then atonement,
at last will be given to forgotten gods.
Pandora's box will be returned.
Pegasus will fly and Echo
will speak with her own voice.




Author Bio

I am of Irish and French descent. Born in Virginia, I am by birth a Southerner. But, my father's work was to end up taking my family to several different states. I lived in a variety of places: Washington DC, Baltimore, Connecticut, to mention but a few. But it was the years after my father's death that had a major influence on my writing. My mother a young widow with four children moved to Florida, to be near her own mother. It was in Florida that I was to finish growing up, attend college, marry and give birth.

But the land of perpetual summer was not for me, and when the opportunity arose for a job transfer. We happily moved. It is here in North Carolina that we have at long last put down roots. Built our home. So my bio listed with my articles (writing magazine articles is my day job) reads thus: Terry Lowenstein is a writer from North Carolina who lives with her husband, two daughters and two cats-Dickens and Emerson.

Our house welcomes you with a porch filled with geraniums. It is here the I write. Besides writing poetry, I also write short stories. My "day job" as I mentioned before is writing magazine articles. These include personal essays, travel articles, and a monthly column that appears in parenting magazines throughout the United States.

A sample of my recent parenting publishing credits: Baton Rouge Parents Magazine, Big Apple Parent, Charlotte Parent, Florida Family Magazine, Gulfcoast Family, Melbourne's Child (Australia), Northwest Baby and Child, Parenting Plus of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast, Parent's Press, Piedmont Parent, South Florida Parent and Child, Southwest Parent and Child, Sydney's Child (Australia), Tampa Bay Family, Washington Parent and Western New York Family.

A few additional publishing credits:
Know Atlanta, Western Producer Newspaper

My poetry has appeared in a variety of publications. Among the most recent:
The Copperfield Review, The Vinland Journal, lingerings, Fables, The Literary Lion, Hawkwind Creations, The Sidewalks End, Blue Fifth's Review, Niederngasse, The Pedestal Magazine, Prairie Poetry, Southern Ocean Review, Wilmington Blues, A Country Rag An Appalachian Review, The Writer's Hood and Mail Call-A Civil War Journal.

Finally, I was delighted when Storyhouse recently published two of my poems (and one of my magazine articles) on their coffee labels.

So there you have it my bio, and a sampling of my writing credits. Writing has and always will be important to me. And poetry, poetry for me is magic, waiting to be discovered. A journey filled with wonder.

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"The Treasure Hunters" Copyright © 2002 Terry Lowenstein. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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