Prelude to a Kiss
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The Kiss


Michael Fantina




A moonbeam struck her with but a single shaft,
And seemed to wake her from a long daydream.
She stood knee-deep within a cooling stream
And shivered slightly from the night windís draft.
Smiling broadly, she rubbed her arms and laughed,
Her eyes, two polished jewels, were all agleam,
For certainly some spell, some godís dark scheme,
Had turned her flesh to stone through some black craft.

There, by the stream, a young man stood, aghast,
And marveled at his foolish, lonely deed.
She touched her lips, which he had kissed at lastó
Four thousand years of some godís dark misdeed.
Wet with cold she came, moonlight on her hips,
Kissed him, though not with stone, but goddess lips.




Author Bio

Michael Fantina has had a great deal of poetry published over the past twenty years, in Canada, the U. S. and in the United Kingdom. Most recently his work has appeared in "The Lyric", "The New Formalist" and the last several issues of "Candelabrum Poetry Magazine" in the UK.

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"The Kiss" Copyright © 2002 Michael Fantina. All rights reserved.
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