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Veil Song


Nancy Bennett




Tonight when the veil is drawn back
close to the face of the dark lady
Sophia, with the diamond eyes
harder then coal under pressure.

Bright as the stars that light our journey
into the mysterious night
the blackness we have cast our secrets into
deep within your core.

We cannot always face our truth
you, Sophia, shine a mirror to our frailty
strip our pride to the bone
so after the veil is lifted, we stand alone, newborn.

Like a cup to be filled with true ideals
like a bowl to flow over with knowledge
pour into us your wisdom
Sophia, make us whole.




Author Bio

Nancy Bennett is a practising Pagan and a founding member of HAGS ( Honourable Aging Goddess Society.)

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"Veil Song" Copyright © 2003 Nancy Bennett. All rights reserved.
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