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Karen R. Porter



A salamander surfs the endless skies -
a moist red body glowing in the dark
reflecting as he moves, a flashing spark -
a tiny living jewel with membraned eyes.

His wings unfold crinoline majesty,
brilliantly translucent. He whips his tail
to swim eternal night and leaves a trail
like a comet's glittering destiny.

The little dragon dances through the stars.
His tiny feet prance patterns on Draco,
Hydra, Serpens, Lacerta, on he goes,
from ancient nebulae to cold pulsars.

The universe is now his icy stream,
his old blue world a half remembered dream.




Author Bio

Karen R. Porter resides in the Pinelands of southern NJ where she tends to lots of critters. Some of her work has recently appeared in Paradox, Aoife's Kiss, Star*Line, and Square Lake.





"Salamander" Copyright © 2004 Karen R. Porter. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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