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Sandy DeLuca



Emerges from a dreamy gateway;
eyes watery from sleep;
thoughts of dancing with fairies,
and racing with unicorns still vivid

Emerald wings catch wind;
upward to a sky studded with speckled light

Young girls sing below,
long to capture his heart;
bodies sway,
chants rise

Oak leaves, chestnuts,
and apples scent the air

He sails above dancers;
a show of scales, silken wings,
orange and red flames,
trails of puffy smoke

The sun,
hidden by night's veil,
enters Scorpio;
earthly magicians nod,
welcome new enchantments,
releasing sin, anger,
visions of death

Esmond returns through the gates
of mist, secrets,
silent prayers

The dragon rests once more;
sweet voices lull him to sleep,
his fire rekindles,
spins with
the Earth;
a season of magic
woven by Esmond




Author Bio

Sandy DeLuca bes involved in the small press for the past five years. Her poetry, fiction and art have been published and/or will be published in various publications such as: Space and Time, The October Rush Anthology, The Mirrors in Flames Anthology, Eotu Magazine, The Edge Tales of Suspense, Sam's Dot Publishing and The Wicked Verse Anthology in which Sadny's poem "Girls From the Seventies" received an honorable mention in Years Best Horror and Fantasy. Her poetry chapbook,

Burial Plot in Sagittarius, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker for poetry award in the year 2001. Sandy's poetry and short story collection, Paths of Destiny, was released by Double Dragon Publishing in 2003.  Her novel, Settling in Nazareth, was also published in late 2003. This book has just made the premliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker award.

At present Sandy is working on a new novel which is in its final draft and some of her paintings will be on display in the New York City area this summer (2004).  

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"Esmond" Copyright © 2004 Sandy DeLuca. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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