The Beckonning


Kenneth E. Bedell

What is this force that beckons, oh how I pine for thee,
Have ne'er I felt this pain before, of a heart so unfree.
I feel this ravaging pang, in the pit of my soul,
Who shall take this half man, and turn him into whole?

A lady fair doth wait for me, be it near or distant shore,
My journey not complete, till I rest with her forever more.
I shall climb every mountain, sail each ocean wide,
Walk an endless land, till my love stands by my side.

My love is near I feel it, a thousands stones, an inch you see,
One more mountain, one more sea, shall bring my love to me.
I shall not fail, no ancient curse, can stop a man in love,
The fiercest dragon known, shall fly as a dove!


Author Bio

Kenneth E. Bedell was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan and via the military, came to live in Freehold, New Jersey. He is married, has two grown children and one grandchild. He started writing as a hobby in his freshman year of high school and is now fifty years old.

He writes mostly for his own entertainment and has rarely allowed any of his works to be seen. He recently started taking writing seriously.

His poetry ranges from romance to military life and he is currently working on a book about a young farm boy who joins the military during the height of Viet Nam. The book goes on to show his maturing, fears and real life lessons that war brought to him.

Mr. Bedell says, "My hope is that my writings can change my fellow man for the better."




"The Beckonning" Copyright © 1999 Kenneth E. Bedell. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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