Crystal Eyes


Karen Beth Huber

Ice chips pierce the night velvet to light the way for stem silhouettes to
climb up
To the vast floating cauldron.
They warm into eyes that tell secrets to be engraved
Into the warm wood below by the stem messengers.
Whistling waves of gusts snatch and steal the ice legends,
Throw chaos to be sorted into crystal watermarks.

Golden catwalks pave the way for dancing snow sprites
Who laugh and tumble at the rushing wind ghosts.
They are rushed and flung
And clap their hands as they land on their feet.
They have the final victory as the catwalks become glowing bridges
And warm their faces into a glittering, still sea.


Author Bio

I live in south, central Pennsylvania and am a librarian at Indian Valley High School. I like to read, work on the computer, and walk when it is warm outside. I write poetry to create images, sort of like a "writing camera." I have just a few poems so far and like to write about nature scenes. I love cats and spend a lot of time with my own cat; he is a great listener.



"Crystal Eyes" Copyright © 1999 Karen Beth Huber. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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