Beyond The Great Salt Sea


Michael Fantina




The sultan's hall was lavish, full of smoke,
The essence of a sweet and potent myrrh.
His concubines, well oiled, were all astir,
Like scented lamia. Now, stroke on stroke,
The princess oiled my chest and arms. A toke
From her hookah caused me to swoon and slur
My speech. The sultan's daughter soft, demur,
Soon covered me in kisses like a cloak.

A peri pulled me from those royal arms,
And flew me past the palaces of kings.
Like a bird of prey--sparrows called alarms--
She bore me on her alabaster wings.
I clutched her half in fear, as she clutched me,
And we knew love beyond the great salt sea.




Author Bio

Michael Fantina has had a great deal of poetry published over the past twenty years, in Canada, the U. S. and in the United Kingdom. Most recently his work has appeared in "The Lyric", "The New Formalist" and the last several issues of "Candelabrum Poetry Magazine" in the UK.

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"Beyond The Great Salt Sea" Copyright © 2002 Michael Fantina . All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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