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Lose a Job, Gain a Dream


Michelle Senjem


I lost my job last week. With massive cuts in the education budget, my position went out the window along with numerous others who have been around as long as I have (over ten years.) Would something like this produce stressful feelings in you? It certainly did in me. Something as major as losing a secure job can be stressful indeed, although it occurred to me that it could also be a relief! A part of me was aware that my spirit guides and my various levels of being know what the right thing is for me, and all that was happening was certain to support my well being and my vision for the future.

Maybe the job did not quite fit...maybe it was a great paying job that I stayed at longer than I should have because it was not "that bad". In any case when a big change occurs suddenly and it was not a conscious have to decide how you are going to see it.

I chose panic.

I sent all the messages to myself that this was maybe the right thing, yet I still believed that just because it was the 'right thing' did not mean it would be easy or comfortable. And, this is what worried me.

I finally did, however, calm myself and found that place within which trusts the universe to lead me to my best life experience....but was too late. I had already delivered the very disturbing message to my every cell that I would soon starve to death! The breakdowns were already in motion...the chemical changes that accompany a stressful situation had unleashed the flight response inside my body and the result was confusion which manifested itself as a lowered immune system and finally a damn annoying cold!

So, a few days later as I decided to listen to my voice of courage, I realized that I have an opportunity here to spend my energy on healing myself as well as focusing on the positive directions that my life might take. I settled into an amazement and awe at the many interesting situations I bring upon myself so that I can develop and recall my potential. Every new challenge serves to provide me with the opportunity to discard a few more limitations!

Just a few hours after my change of thinking brought me renewed courage and trust, I received an email from a publisher who was very excited about a book I have been trying to publish for about a year and a half. Does this sound amazing to you? It should. And you should know that this is exactly the kind of amazing thing you can expect from life.

The message I heard here was that as soon as I released the energy from a situation that no longer served to interest me, I was powerful and focused enough to fulfill my passion, my next adventure in living, my current interest. Where are you spending your energy? What is it you are buying with your powerful creative abilities? You may not want to do as I did and hang on to those things which are no longer serving your highest good just because they are comfortable and familiar. Recognize the support which surrounds you at every turn, hold courage in your heart and take a leap!!


Author Bio

Michelle Senjem lives in Minnesota with her husband Bruce, her nineteen year old daughter Jillian and her favorite dog Herman. Together they spend many hours talking with her son Christopher (via the computer), who is traveling the eastern seas during his service in the Navy. She gathers interesting tales and a wealth of inspiration from her family for her numerous metaphysical adventures in writing.

She has spent many years working with young people at a local elementary school while reading everything she could find about metaphysics. Michelle has a passion for reading and spends much of her time doing just that. She has five cats, three dogs, and a library of some of the greatest metaphysical books ever written. She writes the way she lives; simple, honest and with more than a touch of courage. A true Sethian at heart!

Her current release, Late for my Plane is the true story of a natural clairvoyant coming to terms with her views of reality. Michelle is also co-founder and co-owner of the Laki Lines Ezine, a literary publication devoted to creative writing. She enjoys answering the questions of curious visitors in her "Ask Mija" column and continues to write metaphysical fiction as well. Warrior Ghosts, a fictional tale for young people which Michelle is co-author of is due out soon and describes many of the issues teenagers are facing today. Currently, she is working on her next novel Mirror Lake, another metaphysical adventure.

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