Time Within Time

Rosemary Marty


Circles ever widening within a pool of darkness,

as a pebble falls from the light.

Dusk till Dawn, forces of the ebony still, unite.

Living a life, feared by those of the morning sky.

Whole lifetimes exist, time within time;

begging recognition, fearing acceptance,

living life on the edge.

Within the ever widening pool of humanity,

inhumanity reigns within every man.

Touching the rage begging to emerge

in a feeding frenzy, draining dry the life blood, as it feeds.

With no love to temper its momentum

it flourishes, gaining strength,

till in one orgasmic implosion

it falls within itself with naught but a sigh.

And still most men go on, time within time

life without sentience to man's darker nature

darkness lurks within the pool, waiting again to feed.


Author Bio

Rosemary is a single parent, poet, animal lover, environmental champion. She says she's never fit her square peg view of things in society's round hole mentality. She feels she's always stood apart while standing in the middle. And that is why "Time within Time" was born. While most of her poetry is either termed dark or other worldly, she also enjoys the struggle to write Goddess poetry. She says most of her work is a struggle almost like giving birth, but as with giving birth it is a labor of love.

Like most writers, she's hoping and working towards that big break.

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