Wherever My Heart Leads

C. Anne Morgan

I wound my way through gold-gilt halls
A labyrinth maze of marble walls,
A need within, it burned like fire,
Embers of a long past desire
A far off place, my heart, it dreamt
Of things I'd never seen, souls
I'd never met
An urgent longing of things unknown
Through a mist I went alone
To a place I knew I'd find
A remembered vision I thought had died
Pulse beat fast inside my chest
As a door appeared through a mist
Like dragon's breath
My head I rest upon the door
The quest is done; I search no more
This portal marks journey's end
Yet beyond a new one will begin
"Take my hand" he said to me
I follow, for I am bound with chains
Wherever my heart leads


Author Bio

C. Anne Morgan, has been writing for five years, and lives and writes from her hometown in rural Idaho. She writes time travel, historical, and fantasy romance novels, poetry and song lyrics.

Her stories usually are set in Medieval times or ancient Scotland. She has written two unpublished novels in the time travel/historical genre and she is currently at work on a story with magical and mystical elements set in the time of King Arthur.



"Whever My Heart Leads" Copyright © 1999 C. Anne Morgan. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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