Michael Sander

A leaf slowly flutters towards the ground,
As its vibrant life is now at an end,
The once lush green of vitality is all but gone,
In its place the wilting brow of death,
The wind whisks away this tiny leaf,
Away from where it gave its life as but a mere servant,
To now settle gently upon the ground,
Where it is thought of no more.

Author Bio

Michael Sander has been writing for about nine years, mainly poetry. Recently, he has attempted to write stories.

Other than writing, he has an interest in the outdoors, roleplaying, and computers... At twenty-five years of age, he says he is still searching for direction in his life.

Two years ago, Michael had three of his works published by the National Libray of Poetry (U.S.). This is the first time his work has been published online.



"Leaf" Copyright © Michael Sander. Published by permission of the author.
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