Let the journey begin,
a journey from within


Nancy Lee Lenning

Peace is a state of mind,
that is all too often hard to find.
For when it is achieved,
serenity is conceived.
Cluttered minds disappear,
life becomes crystal clear.
A cleansing of your body rid of concern,
stress is no longer a problem as you soon learn.
The body goes limp and your spirit is aware,
for at least this moment you have no care.
Soft breezes blowing across the face,
or kindness and charity among the human race.
Meditation as deep as can be,
a cleansing of a soul aching to be free.
Whatever the images one may possess,
a touch of a hand, o soft caress.
This state of mind as you can guess,
is found from within.
Open your eyes and let the journey begin !

Author Bio

Nancy Lee Lenning lives in Pennsylvania where she is going to school as a Network Administrator/Microcomputer Specialist with a graduation date of August 4, 2000. She has two boys, ages thirteen and sixteen.

She has been writing since she was fifteen years old and she is currently a freelance writer/columnist/poet. In her spare time, she works on novels. Nancy enjoys hunting, crabbing, shelties, WWF & WCW, crafts, travel, and laughing.

Her favorite people are Robert Frost, Nicholas Sparks, Andy Rooney and Dave Barry. Favorite saying: "No tears from the writer, no tears from the reader..." by Robert Frost.




"The Night Watch" Copyright © 1995 Nancy Lee Lenning
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